Jun 172014

This ewe is a purebred sired by “Big Boy”, our S Bar T Livestock ram; she is a late Fall ewe lamb.



Jun 172014

This ewe is a purebred that was born in late Fall (Nov.), 2013, and is an excellent shedder.  She was sired by “Big Boy” and one of our ewes.



Jun 162014

All of the rams and ewes in the following photos were taken straight out of the pasture and photos taken as is. 

SOLD – This ram was sired by “Henry”, our Riverwood Farms’ ram, and a JTS ewe and was born in late Fall.  He is a purebred ram and is subject to registration.


Jun 162014

SOLD – #465 was born last November; sired by “Big Boy.”  A good, high percentage, commercial ram.



Jun 162014

SOLD – This Fall ram lamb is 90% White Dorper; sired by a JTS ewe and “Big Boy.”



Jun 162014

SOLD – Another good option for a commercial ram, #459 is a lamb born in Fall of 2013, another “Big Boy” baby.




Jun 162014

SOLD – Ram #453 was born in November last year and is a high percentage White Dorper ram out of “Big Boy.”


Jun 162014

RECENTLY SOLD – This high percentage, commercial ram lamb was born in late Fall 2013and was sired by our S Bar T Livestock ram, “Big Boy,” and a JTS ewe.


Mar 232014

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